Artist - Dianne Hart

I’m primarily an acrylic artist using a resin based professional acrylic to paint on canvas and hard board and with enamel acrylics to paint on glass. I draw pencil portraiture and dabble in watercolor. My paintings range from photo-realism to a childlike whimsy. Recently I've discovered a new love of palette knife painting. My gift is God given and my hope is that each piece I paint will embrace the viewer and touch their life in a positive way.

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Still Harbor

Still Harbor
This painting is of  a north-eastern harbor town at evenings end. The last boats are gliding into the Harbor. The fishermen are taking their leave. All is quite except for a few remaining seagulls.

I feel a real excitement on this new path of palette knife painting. To create form with a small blade and the thin edges of the knife brings a wonderment
Watch for more to come! - Dianne